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Topics and speakers from 2010 - 2019 (To date)

No. Date Topic Speaker
319 Jan. 10  “Dharma as Man” A Myth of Jesus in Buddhist Lands  Lindsay Falvey 
320 Feb. 10 New Strategies to Stop Global Warming  Michael Tuckson 
321 Apr. 10  Dokmai Dogmas and the Joy of Monsoon Gardening  Eric Danell 
322 May-10 Documentary: ‘ Burma VJ – Reporting from a Closed Country’  Ashin Sopaka and Jan Krogsgaard
323 Jun-10 Monastic Discipline and Social Change in Sipsong Panna Roger Casas 
324 Jul-10 The Fortifications of Chiang Mai and the Finlayson Map Andrew Forbes and David Henley 
325 Aug. 10  The Democratic, Erotic, Moral, and Fun-Loving murals of Isan  Bonnie Brereton 
326 Sept. 10  Hunting Northern Thailand ’s Snakes on a Motorbike Sjon Hauser 
327 Oct. 10  Memorial Tribute to Edward Rose (1931-2010) Various Speakers 
328 Nov. 10  Buddhist Economics and Thailand 's Sufficiency Economy  Don Swearer 
329 Jan. 11 “What’s What in a Wat”  Carol Stratton 
330 Jan. 11 Killing the Mekong Dam by Dam  Tom Fawthrop 
331 Jan.11  Art and Community in Cambodia Phare Ponleu Selpak
332 Mar-11 A Sangha without a King  Betty Nguyen 
333 Apr-11 Tom / Trans / Thai  Jai Arun Ravine
334 May-11 The Most Secret Place on Earth: The CIA’s Covert War in Laos Rebecca Weldon 
335 Jun-11 Twisting Buddhism Through the Christian Lexicon: Ordination  Louise Gabaude 
336 Jul-11 HIV-Related Health Services for Minorities and International Migrants  Peter Kunstadter 
337 Aug-11 The Preah Vihear conflict and the current political debate in Thailand Volker Grabowsky
338 Sep-11 Pu Sae -Ya Sae Spirit Worship: Highlighting the two sacred mountains of Chiang Mai Reinhard Hohler
339 Oct-11 Hmong Kinship Identity under Thai State Formation Prasit Leepreecha
340 Nov-11 The 11th Panchen Lama: a Chinese political recognition of a Tibetan spiritual master Fabienne Jagou
341 Dec-11 Return to Mae Sariang: Ethnic Relations in a Thai Frontier District Charles Keyes
342 17 Jan-12 “Small Farmers Secure Food: Survival Food Security, the World’s Kitchen & the Crucial Role of Small Farmers”. Proffessor Lindsay Falvey
343 14 Feb-12 “The Plain of Jars in a New Light”. Hans Lipp, Geographer, University of Tuebingen, Germany UK.
344  28 Feb 12  "Searching for pre-Lan Na cities in the Golden Triangle area" Spencer Wood, Boise State University
 345 20 Mar-12  “WWII in Northern Thailand: The Flying Tigers and 64th Hayabusa Sentai Clash in Chiang Mai.” Jack Eisner
346 03Apr-12  “Switching from print publishing to the global digital marketplace: A travel writer's perspective”. Mohezin Tejani
347 22 May-12 Merchants and Missionaries – Western incursions into Lan Na between 1829 and 1921” Ian Bushell
348 19 Jun-12 Creating a Temple Museum Supachai Sittilert
349  17 Jul-12 “Record Production: combining Thai and Western Instrumentation."  Michael Zager
350 24-Jul-12 The Monks and the Hmong: the Case of Tham Krabok” Ian Baird, Professor of Geography, University of Wisconsin at Madison
352 11 Sep-12 'The Peace Corps' 50th Anniversary in Thailand.  Hugh Leong.
353 09 Oct-12  “Restitution of Stolen Works of Art”.  Manus Brinkman
354 06 Nov-12  “The Right Wing Capture of American Politics” Gary Suwannarat 
355 22 Dec-12 "The last Executioner" Don Linder
356 15 Jan-13 Hmong Women, Gender, and Power: Post-refugee Conditions and the Politics of Transnational Belonging” Dr. Chia Youyee VANG
357 12 Feb-13 Tai Supernaturalism: Recent Research Susan CONWAY
 358 12 Mar-13  Mystery and Diversity at the Plain of Jars, Laos.  Lia Genovese.
359 09 Apr-13 Tai Khuen Culture, Burmanization and the  600th Annoversary of Songkran in Ken Tung. Klemens Karlson
360 14 May-13 Beyond tolerance, working for Community Legal Education.. Wendy Morrish
361 11 Jun-13 Coping with HIV in Adolescence: the Situation in Thailand”. Sophie Le Cœur (MD)
362 18-Jun-13 "Healing Africa: The Havana Prescription” Tom Fawthrop
363 09 Jul-13 “British and American Architecture in Chiang Mai : Conserving Historic Buildings” Asst. Prof. Vitul Lieorungruang, PhD
364 13 Aug-13 “Illustrations of Theravada Cosmology”. James E. Bogle, art historian and collector.
365 20 Aug 13 A guided echibition of the Photo Exhibition "On the Beaten track" of Ethnic Minorities. An exhibition introduced by Olvier Evrard
366 10 Sep-13 “Eating Dogs” A Talk by John Keeble
367 08 Oct-13 A 'Third Hand': The Role of the Thai Military in Thai Politics Today A  Talk by Dr. Paul Chambers PhD
368 12 Nov-13 The Ecole-Francaise d'Extreme Orient and it's library in Chiang Mai A talk and presentation by Yves Goudineau, Director of the EFEO Chiang Mai Centre, and Louis Gabaud.
369 03 Dec-13 Land and Livelihoods - Struggles of Small-Scale Farming Communities in Northern Thailand”.
A Talk by Jason Lubanski 
14 Jan -14
“Paul Doumer and French Indochina,  1897-1902”
A Talk by Amaury Lorin
371 08 Feb-14 "Following Buddha’s footprints (Buddhapāda)”.
A Talk & Presentation by Jacques de Guerny.
372 11-Mar-14 “The past, present and future of stand-alone movie theatres in Southeast Asia: A visual narrative”
A Talk by Philip Jablon
373 25-Mar-14 “Ethnic Diversity in Laos. A Museum Perspective".
A talk by Tara Gujadhur.
374 08 Apr-14 “An Artist's Statement: Linking Culture and Creation”.
A Talk by Chatcha Thawee.
375 13 May-14 “Sima: Monastic Space Throughout Theravada History".
A Talk by Anthony Irwin..
27 May14
“Princes without a Principality: ‘Non-state Royals’, The House of Champassak, and the Politics and Performativity of Rank and Recognition"
A Talk by Dr. Ian G. Baird
03 Jun 14
“White Robes Saffron Dreams”
A Film by Teena Amrit Gill.
10 Jun 14
"The Silenced Voices of History: Asian Labour on the Death Railway".
A Talk by David Boggett
26 Jun 14
“Old Power in the 'New City': Urban Lanna in the early 20th c.”
A Talk by Taylor Easum
08 Jul 14
“Cashing in on Cultural Heritage: Museums and the Tourism Industry in Chiang Mai”
A talk by Rebecca Weldon
19 Aug 14
"Save Elephants, Symbol of Thailand, to Save humanity".
A Talk by Christian Bollier
09 Sep 14
."Traditional Medical Knowledge in Northern Laos" A Talk by  Jean Marc Dubost
11 Nov 14
"Studying Elephant Intelligence and Conversation Education". A Talk by Joshua Plotnik
02 Dec 14
"Understanding Ancient Ceramic Productions. Using Ethnoarchaeology and Archaeometry." A Talk by Isabelle C. Druc:
09 Dec 14
"Spreading Buddhism in England: Conditions and Challenges." A Talk by Ven. Amaro Bhikkhu
38613 Jan 15"The ‘Holy Man’ (Ton Bun) Tradition of Lanna Buddhism."A Talk by Paul T. Cohen
38710 Feb 15"Statesman, Zoologist, Missionary, Spy: The Life Of Harold Young In The Golden Triangle."A Talk by David Lawitts:
38810 Mar 15"How Often does the Mae Chan Fault Generate Large Earthquakes."A Talk by Ray Weldon
38928 Apr 15"Museums in Northern Thai Society.A Talk by Nitaya Kanokmongkol
39012 May 15"Delta to Delta: The Vietnamese Move South."A Talk by Jim Goodman:
39126 May 15"Buddhism Across Borders: Religious Revivalism in Palaung Communities."A Talk by Sean Ashley
39202 Jun 15"So far from home! A Karenni refugee familiy in America."A Talk by John Chaimov
39321 Jul 15"So far from home! A Karenni refugee familiy in America."A Talk by Susan Walker
39418 Aug 15"Chiang Mai - What Makes a City Creative”.A Talk by Martin Venzy-Stalling
39515 Sep 15"Do Publishers still matter?”.A Talk by Trasvin Jittidecharak.
39613 Oct 15“Cinema at the Bazaar: The Saeng Tawan Cinema and the (possible) Future of Chiang Mai’s Night Bazaar”.A Talk by Philip Jablon.
39710 Nov 15“Governing Hmongs in Thailand: Political Networks, Spaces & Places”.A Talk by David Chambers
39815 Dec 15"Contemporary Art in Tradtional Culture”A Talk by Achan Wattana Wattanapun
39912 Jan 16 "The Great Gamble on the Mekong”A Talk by Tom Fawthrop
40019 Jan 16"The Skillful Means of Getting People to Look at your Work”. A Talk by Todd Sills
40109 Feb 16"History of the Thailand HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Highlights of the Country's Key Contributions to Global Prevention”.A Talk by Bruce G. Weniger
40208 Mar 16“History of the Lahu and Wa Baptist Missions”. sA Talk by David Lawitt
40319 Apr 16“Bureaucratizing the Good Samaritan”. A Talk by Tony Waters
40410 May 16"Citizenship among Ethnic Minorities in Northern Thailand". A Talk by Muksawan Sakboon & Prasit Leepreecha
40514 Jun 16"Women Studies to Die or to Grow: Women and Gender Studies at Chiang Mai University". A Talk by Ariya Svetamra
40612 Jul 16"Statue-mania in the North! Sculpting and Casting Historical Memory in Northern Thailand". A Talk by Taylor Easum
40730 Aug 16“Thailand’s Magical Stamps and the Mainstreaming of 21st Century Supernaturalism”. A Talk by Peter Anthony Jackson.
40813 Sep 16“Khru ba Sriwichai: The Engineer Monk”. Featuring a film by Sid Perou followed by a Panel Discussion moderated by Louis Gabaude with Sid Perou, David Hardcastle, and Pensupa Sukkata.
40911 Oct 16“The Communist Party of Thailand: Hmong Experiences and Perspectives”.  A Talk by Ian Baird.
41022 Nov 16“Working Together for Economic Sustainability: A Karen Project".  A Talk by Somboon Panyakhom.
41113 Dec 16“Translating Chinese Culture”. A Talk by Cindy M. Carter.
41210 Jan 17“What  is  the  Use  of  Old Books?”. A Talk by Graham Jefcoate.
41307 Feb 17“Kindred Spaces: Painting Across Worlds”. .A Presentation by Amy D'Apice
41421 Feb 17“Sansai Mahawong 1969/2017 : Changes in a Northern Thai Village”. A Talk by Michael & Kay Calavan.
41514 Mar 17"Past Presenting": Heritage based Urban Development in Chiang Mai".  A Talk by Acharn Komson Teeraparbwong.
41604 Apr 17"The Last Undammed River". A film on the Salween in Myanmar directed, introduced and commented by Tom Fawthrop.
41725 Apr 17"Riding the iron dog: Rong Wongsawan in San Francisco”. A Talk by Tony Waters.
41816 May 17"Burma's 135 « national races »: political myth-making in modern Burma”. A Talk by Bertil Lintner.
41913 Jun 17"A Travelogue of WWII Sites in Northern Thailand”. A Talk by Jack Eisner
42011 Jul 17"Yangon Echoes : Inside Heritage Homes”. A Talk by Virginia Henderson and Tim Webster.
42108 Aug 17"The Shan and Not-So-Shan Rebellions in Chiang Rai; Buddhism, Borders, and Beheadings in the Early Twentieth Century”. A Talk by Anthony Lovenheim Irvin.
42226 Sep 17"Beetle fighting and Northern Thai cosmology”. .A Talk by Stéphane Rennesson
42310 Oct 17"Ecclesiastical Colonialism: The Protestant Church in Northern Thailand”. A Talk by Herbert Swanson.
42407 Nov 17“The Making of The Big Buddha Bicycle Race, a Novel”. A Talk by Terence A. Harkin.
42521 Nov 17“Gender Equality Struggle in Vietnam”. A Talk by Le Ngoc Bich Ly.
42612 Dec 17"The Bronze Drums of Southeast Asia”. A Talk by Jacques de Guerny.
42709 Jan 18 “Hmong Songs of Memory : Secular and Sacred Music in Laos and Thailand”.A Talk by Victoria Vorreiter.
42823 Jan 18“Thai Forward Air Guides in Laos: their role in the 2nd Indochina War” A Talk by Paul Carter.
42906 Feb 18“The great insect die-off: facing the challenge”. A Talk by Peter Davey.
43020 Feb 18“Chiang Mai Burning Season: Collecting data, Understanding the Problem”. A Talk by Craig Houston.
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