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449th  Meeting: “"Sattahip" by Rong Wongsawan - A Story of the American
Military and Thailand”. 

Tuesday, 17 September 2019.

A talk by Siamrad Maher.

The Talk:

"Sattahip: yang mai mi la kon" (สัตหีบ : ยังไม่มีลาก่อน), a work by the major Thai writer Rong Wongsawan ['รงค์ วงษ์สวรรค์] (1932-2009), was recently translated into English by Siamrad Maher. The book was written in 1972 and is about American military forces stationed at Sattahip Naval Base and U-tapao Air Base. Rong interviews the Thai bartenders, “rental wives” and bosses that serve the soldiers. By doing this he tells very human stories of love, hard work, inter-cultural confusions, greed and business.

The Speaker:

Siamrad Maher is a Thai/American citizen, who was adopted from Thailand and grew up in America. He retired from the American US Air Force, after serving on many missions in Thailand as a military medic, and a translator, including missions in Sattahip. He is currently a student at Payap University, where he is doing an internship as a literary translator, under the guidance of Dr. Tony Waters.

Want to read more? ....click "HERE" (PDF File for downloading or reading online - 19 pages).


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