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MEETINGS 2013-2014

363rd Meeting :  ““British  and  American Architecture  in  Chiang  Mai" :  Conserving  Historic  Buildings”
Tuesday 9  July 2013

A Talk by by Asst.  Prof.  Vitul Lieorungruang, PhD.

Dr. Lieorungruang’s research is dedicated to Architecture Conservation in Northern Thailand where there  is  a  vast  number  of  historic  buildings.  The  main  focus  is  on  Traditional wooden  and  masonry structures.  The  state  of  conservation  in  Thailand  is  generally  poor.  Inappropriate  methods  and  materials have been and are still used.

In  general,  Western  conservation  process  focuses  on  the  physical  or  material  aspects  of  the buildings, and generally overlooks the cultural aspects. Here, local communities are usually more concerned with the psychological and meritorious dimensions of the buildings rather than with the rules of structural
and material building. Cultural background and knowledge of practices in Lanna architecture preservation provide  directions  for  suitable  conservation  methods. 
Building  materials,  specific  documentation, limitations,  weaknesses  and  original  bases  of  the  buildings  are  investigated.  The  study  includes  also an examination of architectural structures, of typical forms of degradation, as well as suggestions for building treatment, restoration, security evaluation, repairing techniques, dimensioning of consolidation devices and other relevant considerations. In the end, the proper architectural conservation will be beneficial and save important heritage properties from demolition.

There are two approaches in conservation in Chiang Mai: Western (European) architectural heritage ..... Read more by clicking "HERE" (PDF File for downloading or reading on line - 6 pages).





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